1. Engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.

2. Pursuing an activity at a particular place or in a particular way.

The Gear

How It Started

No Sleeping Running Club, which started as a friendly run buddy meetup between JR Jensen and Los Antonio has clearly developed into “a thing”.  The once IRL check-ins and call outs to keep on their running game morphed by covid restrictions into a thriving online community. The founders’ friendly pact to keep each other accountable spread beyond the treadmill, track or streets to include the everyday responsibilities that come along with managing your own time, relationships and business.

How It's Going

The running club’s main pillars of accountability and autonomy grew from this friendly alliance and has, in turn, drawn quite the crowd who have been inspired to push themselves forward more and more. Each club member follows and posts their personal check-ins depending on their personal goals, which vary widely, from the 100 mile monthly challenge to the everyday heroes like mothers and teachers who are trying to to reach their active and lifestyle goals. An inclusive, accessible and welcoming community that is designed to push and support active members is the main goal of the club.