It's About Not Sleeping...

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We truly believe opportunity is a gift, but if you are not prepared or take advantage the opportunities you get... you are not only doing yourself a disservice but the people who wish they were in your shoes.

Some people call it IQ and we know that if you are pushing yourself it can expand and grow. Again, unless you are taking advantage your own inner strength no one else can really do "it" for you.

"You are who you associate with."

Be there for them, as they should be there for you. Our friends help shape and mold us. There are net givers, net takers and tit for tat... We believe in giving. You get what you put in. Be of service.

"Keep your kit tight."

To be able to help others and give the most to this world we must be at your best. Take care of yourself, push yourself, be there for yourself.

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